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Cross roller bearings for foundation drilling machine XR496051
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Cross roller bearings for foundation drilling machine XR496051

bearing XR496051, d=279.4mm, D=203.2mm, B=31.75mm Radial load : 51.2 KN, Axial load : 61.4 kn

Cross roller bearings for foundation drilling machine XR496051

cross roller bearings consist of outer rings, inner rings, rolling elements and plastic spaces, they are made

for precision applications with DIN 616.

cross roller bearings are very rigid, have high running accuracy and are supplied with normal clearance,  little clearance or preload. The outer ring can be easily located in the adjustment by means of clamping rings.

bearing XR496051, d=279.4mm, D=203.2mm, B=31.75mm

Radial load : 51.2 KN, Axial load : 61.4 kn

The smallest inner ring cross roller bearings XR496051produced by TIMKEN is widely used in any kinds of high precision and long route slewing work platform, mostly are machine tool, telescope, spinning hub, water generate electricity.

Produces outer ring separable and inner ring separable types, TXRDO is inner ring and outer ring separable, it has two inner rings and two outer rings with the bearing designation JXR. XR series are inner ring separable, outer ring integrated bearings.

CRBF108AT      CRBF108AT.UU         CRBS508   470DBS108y      CRBC14025.UU

CRBF2012AT    CRBF2012AT.UU       CRBS608   470DBS113y      CRBC15025.UU

CRBF2512AT    CRBF2512AT.UU       CRBS708   428DBS141y      CRBC15030.UU

CRBF3515AT    CRBF3515AT.UU       CRBS808   504DBS102y      CRBC20025.UU

CRBF5515AT    CRBF5515AT.UU       CRBS908   496DBS142y      CRBC25025.UU

CRBF8022AT    CRBF8022AT.UU       CRBS1008 601DBS146y      CRBC30025.UU

CRBF8022A       CRBF8022A.UU         CRBS1108 546DBS146y      CRBS1208V

CRBF8022AD    CRBF8022AD.UU      CRBS1208 585DBS102y      CRBS1308V

CRBH208A        CRBH208A.UU           CRBS1308 594DBS143y      CRBS1408V

CRBH258A        CRBH258A.UU           CRBS1408 682DBS102y      CRBS1508V

CRBH3010A      CRBH3010A.UU        CRBS1508 784DBS102y      CRBS16013V

CRBH3510A      CRBH3510A.UU        CRBS16013        792DBS101y      CRBS17013V

CRBH4010A      CRBH4010A.UU        CRBS17013        872DBS118y      CRBS18013V

CRBH4510A      CRBH4510A.UU        CRBS18013        882DBS103y      CRBS19013V

CRBH5013A      CRBH5013A.UU        CRBS19013        874DBS102y      CRB14025.UU

CRBH6013A      CRBH6013A.UU        CRBS20013        872DBS147y      CRB15025.UU

CRBH7013A      CRBH7013A.UU        CRBS508.UU     960DBS145y      CRB15030.UU

CRBH8016A      CRBH8016A.UU        CRBS608.UU     922DBS108y      CRB20025.UU

CRBH9016A      CRBH9016A.UU        CRBS708.UU     963DBS106y      CRB25025.UU

CRBH10020A    CRBH10020A.UU      CRBS808.UU     1014DBS101y    CRB30025.UU

CRBH11020A    CRBH11020A.UU      CRBS908.UU     1080DBS113y    CRBS508V

CRBH12025A    CRBH12025A.UU      CRBS1008.UU   1083DBS104y    CRBS608V

CRBH13025A    CRBH13025A.UU      CRBS1108.UU   1074DBS101y    CRBS708V

CRBH14025A    CRBH14025A.UU      CRBS1208.UU   1080DBS149y    CRBS808V

CRBH15025A    CRBH15025A.UU      CRBS1308.UU   1130DBS148y    CRBS908V

CRBH20025A    CRBH20025A.UU      CRBS1408.UU   1235DBS102y    CRBS1008V

CRBH25025A    CRBH25025A.UU      CRBS1508.UU   1235DBS152y    CRBS1108V

CRBC3010         CRB3010   CRBS16013.UU 1200DBS141t     CRBS20013V

CRBC4010         CRB4010   CRBS17013.UU 1248DBS104y    CRBS908V.UU

CRBC5013         CRB5013   CRBS18013.UU 1214DBS110t     CRBS1008V.UU

CRBC6013         CRB6013   CRBS19013.UU 1429DBS142t     CRBS1108V.UU

CRBC7013         CRB7013   CRBS20013.UU 2006DBS101t     CRBS1208V.UU

CRBC8016         CRB8016   150XRN23         2310DBS102t     CRBS1308V.UU

CRBC9016         CRB9016   200XRN28         2693DBS101t     CRBS1408V.UU

CRBC10020       CRB10020 250XRN33         225DBS202y      CRBS1508V.UU

CRBC11020       CRB11020 250XRN35         225DBS209y      CRBS16013V.UU

CRBC12025       CRB12025 300XRN40         240DBS202y      CRBS17013V.UU

CRBC13025       CRB13025 310XRN42         238DBS201y      CRBS18013V.UU

CRBC14025       CRB14025 0330XRN045     242DBS247y      CRBS19013V.UU

CRBC15025       CRB15025 350XRN47         260DBS203y      CRBS20013V.UU

CRBC15030       CRB15030 375XRN49         260DBS205y      CRBS508V.UU

CRBC20025       CRB20025 400XRN55         324DBS242t       XR496051

CRBC20030       CRB20030 0457XRN060     300DBS202y      XR496052

CRBC20035       CRB20035 580XRN76         310DBS201y      XR496053

CRBC25025       CRB25025 0685XRN091     506DBS201y      JXR637050

CRBC25030       CRB25030 950XRN117       529DBS201y      XR637050

CRBC25040       CRB25040 130XRG23         506DBS203y      JXR652050

CRBC30025       CRB30025 140XRG20         600DBS204y      XR678052

CRBC30035       CRB30035 150XRG23         675DBS202y      XR678053

CRBC30040       CRB30040 200XRGV028     685DBS201y      XR678054

CRBC40035       CRB40035 320XRG43         728DBS201y      JXR678054

CRBC40040       CRB40040 480XRGV66       720DBS210y      JXR699050

CRBC40070       CRB40070 150XRN 23        715DBS202y      XR736052

CRBC50040       CRB50040 200XRN28         720DBS207y      XR766051

CRBC50050       CRB50050 250XRN33         785DBS202y      XR766052

CRBC50070       CRB50070 250XRN35         995DBS201y      XR766053

CRBC60040       CRB60040 300XRN40         1045DBS205y    XR820060

CRBC60070       CRB60070 310XRN42         1045DBS208y    XR820061

CRBC600120     CRB600120        0330XRN045     1290DBS204y    XR820067

CRBC70045       CRB70045 350XRN47         1230DBS203t     XR820068

CRBC70070       CRB70070 375XRN49         1600DBS201y    XR836050

CRBC700150     CRB700150        400XRN55         1620DBS201y    XRS844050

CRBC80070       CRB80070 0457XRN060     1910DBS202y    XR855053

CRBC800100     CRB800100        580XRN76         2550DBS201t     XR855055

CRBC3010.UU  CRB3010.UU     0685XRN091     1456DBD102y   XR855056

CRBC4010.UU  CRB4010.UU     950XRN117       1992DBD101y   XR882054

CRBC5013.UU  CRB5013.UU     130XRG23         2224DBD101t3  XR882055

CRBC6013.UU  CRB6013.UU     140XRGV20       2596DBD104t    XR882058

CRBC7013.UU  CRB7013.UU     150XRG23         2928DBD101t    XR889058

CRBC8016.UU  CRB8016.UU     200XRGV028     2628DBD102t    XR889059

CRBC9016.UU  CRB9016.UU     320XRG43         2776DBD101t    XR889060

CRBC10020.UU          CRB10020.UU   480XRGV66       2780DBD101t    XR897051

CRBC11020.UU          CRB11020.UU   CRBS608V.UU   2910DBD101t   

CRBC12025.UU          CRB12025.UU   CRBS708V.UU   2970DBD101t   

CRBC13025.UU          CRB13025.UU   CRBS808V.UU   3198DBD101t  




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